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For peaceful ​mornings & peace of mind 

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Carefully selected ingredients, hand crafted in small batches 
by Karen Taylor, L.Ac., NCCAOM Herbalist, TCM Nutritionist
Breakfast Cure Founder, Karen Taylor, L.Ac.

Tired of figu​ring out breakfast?  Sick of shopping & cooking?  

​Ready for luxurious mornings?

Wake up to hot, healthy, home-cooked meals. 

Your welcome!

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Fig Cardamom Pistacio with a hint of Orange


Beautiful Breakfast Cure bundles arrive monthly at your door.

Sleep while your breakfast cooks itself


Pour in to the free crock pot you received with your first order; add water. 

Sleep while your breakfast cooks overnight.

Om Berry Breakfast Cure Congee


Wake up to the smell of warm breakfast ready & waiting. Success!

con·gee (kŏn′jē) n.

A traditional Asian rice porridge.

​- American Heritage Dictionary

The Breakfast Cure Bowl

Simple / Comforting

Congee: whole grains cooked overnight slowly release their full flavor & nutrient value.

The Breakfast Cure

A gourmet foodie breakfast based on tradition.

- Created by Karen Taylor, L.Ac.

Blueberry Maple Dream

Variety / Delicious

Heirloom whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, herbs, spices & superfoods.

Less then a minute to make breakfast!

Simple. Just add water.

Nothing is easier than pouring in packets.

Simple, easy healhty breakfast. Just pour in, add water, sleep.

Healthy comfort food soothes & satisfies.

Here's what people are saying about

 The Breakfast Cure...

​George & Helen talk about congee


This isn't just a 'quick-fix.' It's a healing substance that helps me start out on the right foot every morning.

Its easy to prepare, easy to digest, and it tastes so good!

Patty Seifert

Karen suggested congee. I thought it would make me gain weight.

I was surprised. I lost weight!

My digestion is much better since eating congee every morning, and I no longer need to think about what is for breakfast!

Eliminate processed foods

Optimize performance

Want a variety of easy, healthy meals?


Can't be bothered with all the details?

...Breakfast Cure meals to the rescue.

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Want recipes and congee tips?

Anyone can do it. It's easy.

Porridge by The Breakfast Cure is easy to cook in a crock while you sleep.