At The Breakfast Cure we are enthusiastic about bringing congee to doorsteps, kitchens, and bellies everywhere. Not only is The Breakfast Cure Box delivered, but we can also share our congee recipes with you right here and now. We have tips and tricks to make you fall in love with congee even more, and I bet we will learn a ton from those of you with congee experience aplenty.

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Martine - May 30, 2017

If you store left over congee in the fridge, how long can it be stored for? and do you then eat it cold or do you warm it up in a saucepan?

    Karen Taylor - June 9, 2017

    Leftovers – a great subject when it comes to congee. I love hearing from all of you about your creative use of leftover congee. I don’t usually have much left myself! I find it lasts for 3 days in an airtight container.

    Pan frying it like a pancake is my current favorite reheating technique. Use a little butter or coconut or your favorite oil and let it brown and slowly cook. Adding a beaten egg first is lovely. Heating it up on the stove top is great too, especially to keep it quick and easy. Freshen it up with a little of your favorite milk and a dash of fresh spices. Delicious.

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