DIY Apple Spice Congee Demo

DIY Apple Spice Congee Recipe

DIY Breakfast Cure recipe for Apple Spice Congee. Easy, healthy, homemade.

Today I'm making Apple Spice Congee, a perfect Autumn breakfast. Just when you need more time in the morning, The Breakfast Cure delivers. Simply put all the ingredients in the crock pot the night before and your morning is suddenly more spacious, your day more balanced and your energy more even.

DIY Apple Spice Congee Demo. Easily make delish healthy breakfast overnight while you sleep. Learn how today.

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​Learn how to easily make delicious overnight breakfasts with healthy whole grains, organic fruits, healthy fats, herbs, spices and more. Follow my recipes or get creative and find your favorite way to let breakfast cook while you sleep.

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I wasn't too excited about eating a porridge for breakfast. I did not think it would sustain me for the morning. But it takes away all the hassle of figuring out what to make in the morning. It's also really easy to digest and feels really nourishing.

Erin Brandenburg Occupational Therapist

I loved it--I loved the variety of flavor profiles and how full and satisfied I felt after eating. It was so nice to come downstairs in the morning and have a delicious breakfast waiting for me.

Amanda Filley

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