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The Breakfast Cure Holiday Gift Box

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Holiday gift box

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Unique. Carefully selected ingredients, hand crafted in small batches.

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See what's inside the Holiday Gift Box from The Breakfast Cure

​Detailed information about recipes and ingredients ​​below.

Give a gift that lasts.

Introduce your loved ones to an easy healthy habit.

​Gift Box


Your gift box will include:

  • ​8 Breakfast Cure Flavor Pouches, 2 generous servings each
  • ​1 Brand New Holiday Flavor plus 7 seasonal flavors
  • ​Personalized Gift Card - form at checkout
  • Special gift: dark chocolate goldenberries, ginger, & hazelnuts
  • Beautiful gold and silver holiday gift presentation
  • ​Interesting tidbits and facts about our ingredients & sources


  • ​​Available to ship December 6 - December by 18 Priority Mail
  • ​​Order by 12-18-17 for Guaranteed delivery by December 23rd
  • ​Free perfect crockpot
  • ​Free shipping / no tax *USA only + Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands.



​no decisions. healthy, balanced, organic, gluten free, pouches ready to cook overnight so the morning is yours.

​Perfect Unique Gift for Foodies

​Organic, Locally sourced, Gluten free Ingredients of the highest quality. 

​Small batch artisan production.

​Taste the difference.

​Feel the Cure.

​The Breakfast Cure

Easy Healhty Delivered

​Give the gift of luxurious weekday mornings

​Your gift pouches will be snipped open, poured into the provided crockpot along with some water. Your loved ones will wake up the next morning to the delicious smell of breakfast ready and waiting.

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Unexpected and wonderful

Fantastic - delicious - yummy - rich - unexpected and wonderful. My stomach and whole body felt GREAT after that hot moist breakfast

Dana LaVoie , Acupuncturist & Herbalist

So nice to come downstairs in the morning and have a delicious breakfast waiting for me

I loved it--I loved the variety of flavor profiles and how full and satisfied I felt after eating. It was so nice to come downstairs in the morning and have a delicious breakfast waiting for me.

Amanda Filley ,

No stomach bloat!

I loved it! I didn't think about food so that allowed me to focus on other things. No stomach bloat!

Vone Kevitz , Owner/Maker at Vone Knits

A healing substance

This isn't just a quick-fix. It's a healing substance that helps me start out on the right foot every morning.

Erin Brandenburg , Occupational Therapist

Agrees with my sensitive system 100%

It is a breakfast that agrees with my sensitive system 100%. It is a tasty alternative to my usual breakfast options. It is unusual to find healthy foods that are tasty too.

Arthur Ticknor , Doctor of Chiropractic

No challenges!

No challenges! I was surprised how delicious and varied the different packets were. I loved that I could eat straight from the pot with no additions if I wanted and I could also change up the texture by pan frying or adding nuts.

Dianna Pugliese

I lost weight!

I thought it would make me gain weight. I lost weight!

Patty Seifert

Morning energy seems to persist into the afternoon

I was very interested in the variety of grains, seeds, rices and how they played in the different recipes. I enjoyed them all. I am satiated longer and forego snacking before lunch. Morning energy seems to persist into the afternoon.

Diane Reynolds

Love the speeded metabolism!

Love the speeded metabolism!

Jeanne Ferris , author
The Breakfast Cure Fig Cardamom Pistachio with a hint of orange

Fig Cardamom Pistachio

with a hint of orange

Wake up transported by a kitchen filled with enticing smells ...The scent of jasmine, figs, cardamom, date and hints of orange. Your taste buds are rewarded with the perfect pistachio pairing.

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Om Berry Breakfast Cure Congee

Om Berry

Trance-inducing three berry superfood prosperity. Organic teff is tasty and packed with protein and fiber. Organic brown basmati rice tastes delicious and contains healthy complex slowly releasing carbs. Goldenberries are plump and busting with flavor that pairs dreamily with Oregon blueberries and Oregon blackberry honey sweetened cranberries.

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Blueberry Maple Dream

​Blueberry Maple Dream

Simple and delicious organic Oregon blueberries with real Vermont Maple sugar. A dream combination that tastes great and such a  comfort food!

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Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cure congee

Apple Cinnamon Congee

Enrich with Organic Whole Pecans at serving (optional)

Congee comfort food at it's best. Organic certified gluten free oat groats with naturally sweet organic apples, spiced to perfection. Himalayan pink salt finishes for fabulous flavor.

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Pear-fection Congee


Top with included Organic Oregon Hazelnuts (optional)

A tantalizing tango of brown rice and pear. Cardamom & ginger add a little zip smoothed by vanilla bean.

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Breakfast Cure Congee Masala Chai Spice

Masala Chai Spice

with chai patti assam tea enrichment (optional)

Comforting yet bold Chai spiced organic white rice creamy coconut congee sweetened with organic coconut sugar will soothe your soul. Enrich with chai patti Assam tea in the morning for a traditional pick-me-up.

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Breakfast Cure congee gourmet breakfast meal

Walnut Sage Romano Bean

Cranberry bean sage congee served with Walnuts and Romano Cheese (optional-separate individual Packets included)

Good things together. This combination of simple ingredients is flavor packed and super satisfying. Lemon garlic sage butter with cranberry bean and brown rice. Sumptuous when enriched with truly delectable  walnuts and flavorful Romano cheese.

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Make Oregon Blueberry Conee with this Recipe

Sleep while your breakfast cooks itself

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