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All recipes are gluten free.

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Six breakfast bundles come in this box delivery.

The Six Box Monthly

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  • 6 flavor bundles of 2 servings, delivered monthly.
  • Easily cancel or change box type at any time. 
  • Select your own flavors.
  • OR get a sampler.
  • The Breakfast Cure delivers gourmet overnight slow-cooker meals in this gorgeous box.

    The 10 Box Monthly

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  • 10 flavor bundles of 2 servings, delivered monthly.
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  • Select your own flavors.
  • OR get a sampler.
  • These 8 beautiful bundles of Breakfast Cure flavors are convenient and healthy.

    The 8 Box Monthly

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  • 8 flavor bundles of 2 servings, delivered monthly.
  • Easily cancel or change box type at any time. 
  • Select your own flavors.
  • OR get a sampler.

    8 unique vegan flavors

    2 servings each

    Free slow cooker

    Vegan Breakfast Bundles cook overnight while you sleep.

    All Breakfast Bundles are vegan and gluten free. Love your mornings with easy, vegan breakfasts.

    The Vegan 8 Box Monthly

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    The Trial Size Boxes

    One time delivery.

    3 or 10 flavor sizes. Each flavor bundle is 2 servings.

    Free slow-cooker included

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    The Breakfast Cure 10 Box has ten bundles of any Breakfast Cure flavors you would like.

    10 Flavor Trial Size

    only $149

    The very best way to try The Breakfast Cure to find out if it's right for you. Get 10 flavors to taste for yourself. Will you love waking up to warm, fresh breakfast ready and waiting? Is congee your comfort food? Get your box, slow cooker, and 10 flavors of your choice (or get a variety sampler), all delivered to your door with all simple, clear instructions and delicious toppings too. Plus there are some interesting and entertaining bonuses. 

    Get 3 flavors and a free slow-cooker for breakfast success!

    3 Flavor Trial Size

    Only $49.00

    Not quite ready to dive in head first? Get a little sample package of 3 Breakfast Cure flavors of your choice or ours, delivered with slow cooker and all the goodies for your flavors. Will you be a congee convert? Find out with this quick and easy method.

    The Bundles

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    Individual Breakfast Cure Bundles now available! Order any quantity or combination.

    Slow cooker NOT included with individual bundle orders-only with monthly and trial size boxes. 

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    Tangled up in Blueberry ingredients on display.

    Tangled Up in Blueberry

    A Breakfast Cure original with all the flavors of 5 varieties of rice plus wild rice. Rich with coconut cream and the pop of blueberries with a hint of lemony goodness. One of our 8 vegan flavors.

    Mega Omega feels like a hug in your belly.

    Mega Omega

    Originally formulated for relieving symptoms of menopause, this is the most hydrating of the Breakfast Cure recipes. Packed with healthy omegas = healthy and delicious.

    Breakfast that nourishes

    Cranberry Sunrise

    Tinted with orange and spice, this flavor is even better with the included toppings of magnificent walnuts and unrefined dark brown sugar, all organic and gluten free of course!


    A healing substance

    This isn't just a quick-fix. It's a healing substance that helps me start out on the right foot every morning.

    Erin Brandenburg Occupational Therapist
    • 1
      Congee boostS metabolism. Experience the ancient wisdom.
    • 2
      Hydrate your entire digestive system with congee breakfasts.
    • 3
      Easy to eat, easy to digest. Congee eases constipation.
    • 4
      Wake up to delicious breakfast ready and waiting.
    • 5
      Get a wide Variety of Nutrients ALL AT BREAKFAST!

    What's Inside Your Box

    Pour water into your grains

    The perfect size slow cooker arrives at your door, always FREE with your first Breakfast Cure Box. 


    Karen holding a bundle of Mega Omega Breakfast Cure congee

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    • 6, 8, or 10 Breakfast Cure Flavor Pouches
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      2 generous servings each
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      Delicious Toppings
    • Welcome letter with everything you need to start
    • Clear instructions for each packet
    • Full ingredient lists


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      Interesting tidbits and facts about our ingredients & sources
    • Chinese medical nutrition educational materials
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       Relaxation techniques for instant stress relief
    • Inspirational quotes & Entertaining stories
    • ​Free perfect slow cooker
    • ​Free shipping / no tax *USA only + Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands.


    no decisions-healthy, balanced, organic, gluten free, pouches ready to cook overnight so the morning is yours

    About the Founder

    Karen Taylor smiling about loving congee.

         Hi, I'm Karen Taylor, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Master level herbalist who has been prescribing congee to my patients for over 23 years. I Specialize in healing digestion using the tools and ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and nutrition. I have found over the years that the thing helping my patients the most has been a simple porridge cooked with extra water over a longer period of time using the whole form of grains.

         This congee is the foundation of The Breakfast Cure which is the culmination of all my years of research and study on this ancient healing recipe.  When a digestive issue led to my own mother's death, I realized that this little bowl of congee could have saved her life and that no one but me was going to bring this easy, delicious solution for digestive distress to people far and wide.

         Many Breakfast Cure subscribers have shared their stories with me about how congee has eliminated their constipation, stomach aches, and indigestion. My mission is to make this medicinal breakfast so delicious and nutritious that you want to keep eating it because it helps you feel amazing!  Even skeptics will try it and find out for themselves how good it feels to have proper digestion from end to end.

    I eat congee because it tastes so good and feels even better.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    What People Are Saying...


    Agrees with my sensitive system 100%

    It is a breakfast that agrees with my sensitive system 100%. It is a tasty alternative to my usual breakfast options. It is unusual to find healthy foods that are tasty too.

    Arthur Ticknor Doctor of Chiropractic

    Takes away all the hassle of figuring out what to make in the morning

    I wasn't too excited about eating a porridge for breakfast. I did not think it would sustain me for the morning. But it takes away all the hassle of figuring out what to make in the morning. It's also really easy to digest and feels really nourishing.

    Erin Brandenburg Occupational Therapist

    Unexpected and wonderful

    Fantastic - delicious - yummy - rich - unexpected and wonderful. My stomach and whole body felt GREAT after that hot moist breakfast

    Dana LaVoie Acupuncturist & Herbalist

    Love the satisfied, full, happy feeling

    Love the satisfied, full, happy feeling I have after eating Congee. It sustains me until lunch (4+ hours later). I notice I'm not wanting to snack mid-morning.

    Convenience. I very much appreciate knowing that we are consistently getting a delicious, nutritious meal to start off our days. And I also feel the tender loving care we receive through Karen's special touches (the presentation, the little bags of condiments, the phone calls and emails). This obviously is her pride and joy.

    I have been recommending it to my friends.

    Sharon Castle

    So nice to come downstairs in the morning and have a delicious breakfast waiting for me

    I loved it--I loved the variety of flavor profiles and how full and satisfied I felt after eating. It was so nice to come downstairs in the morning and have a delicious breakfast waiting for me.

    Amanda Filley

    Is The Breakfast Cure Right For You?

    Congee is not for everybody, but if it is the results can be amazing and experienced in just one month. 

    Who is this for

    • check-circle-o
      People with sensitive digestion, sensitive systems, or constipation
    • check-circle-o
      Gluten free and celiac
    • check-circle-o
      Those who prioritize organic, No GMO, high quality whole food ingredients
    • check-circle-o
      Gourmets, Foodies
    • check-circle-o
      Busy people who want a warm cooked breakfast ready & waiting each morning
    • check-circle-o
      Anyone with difficulty swallowing or healing from surgery or illness.

    Who is this not for

    • times-circle-o
      Anyone committed to cold, raw food 
    • times-circle-o
      Those on restrictive diets of no grains, or no fats
    • times-circle-o
      Cooks who love making breakfast every morning
    • times-circle-o
      People who don't believe breakfast is important fuel for their day
    Love your breakfast

    The Breakfast Cure Guarantee:

    I’m so sure you are going to love The Breakfast Cure that I want you to take the first week to try my Breakfast Bundles. If you decide within 10 days of receiving your first box that The Breakfast Cure is not for you, no problem. Return the unused portions for your money back.

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    The Breakfast Cure is a way of life.

    Want relaxing, easy mornings AND tasty, healthy meals?

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    inspiration for your breakfasts and mornings.

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    Hosted by Karen Taylor who helps you navigate to healthy, satisfying, stress-free mornings. LOVE your breakfast!


    Karen Taylor, L.Ac. relaxes outside

    Free 15 minute consult! 

    The Free Congee Course: Love the way you start your day, with Karen Taylor, L.Ac. includes a bonus at the very end. Once you've completed the course, sign up for a free call with Karen.


    Get 3 flavors and a free slow-cooker for breakfast success!

    Trial size with free slow cooker

    Want to try a box before you subscribe? Trial boxes are available in 3 and 10 flavors. Trial boxes are a one time delivery for you to try The Breakfast Cure.



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    to taste experience to the utmost,
    to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

    - Eleanor Roosevelt

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