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​Breakfast can be easy, healthy and delicious. ​Seriously!
How to Get Th​e Best Breakfast in the World 
without ​cooking, shopping, or prepping. 
​​Always have time for breakfast.

  • 1
    ​How does congee boost metabolism? Learn the ancient wisdom.
    ​"I thought it would make me gain weight. I lost weight."   Patty
  • 2
    ​Hydrate your entire digestive system with congee breakfasts.
    ​"My stomach and whole body felt GREAT after that hot moist breakfast."   Dana
  • 3
    ​Easy to eat, easy to digest. Congee eases constipation.
    ​"It's a breakfast that agrees 100% with my sensitive system." - Arthur
  • 4
    ​Wake up to delicious breakfast ready and waiting.
    ​"I loved it- I loved the variety of flavor profiles and how full and satisfied I felt after eating. It was so nice to come downstairs in the morning and have a delicious breakfast ready and waiting for me." - Amanda
  • 5
    ​Get a wide Variety of Nutrients ALL AT BREAKFAST!
    ​"This isn't just a 'quick-fix.' It's a healing substance that helps me start out on the right foot every morning."  - Erin

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