Proud of Our Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients with the cleanest profile and richest, freshest flavor make it into our breakfast bundles. We use only gluten free ingredients and prepare our breakfast exclusively in a dedicated gluten free kitchen. Organic ingredients are used almost exclusively unless a cherished ingredient is unavailable. Many, but not all of our recipes and bundles are vegan, but some have butter and one has a cheese topping.

Vegan Flavors

Apple Cinnamon

Tangled up in Blueberry

Om Berry (blackberry honey sweetened cranberries)

Mango & Sticky Rice

Masala Chai Spice

Mega Omega

Breakfast Cure Overnight slow cooker breakfast
Delicious om berry congee from the breakfast cure.

The Breakfast Cure currently resides in the Incubator Kitchen inside of Hummingbird Wholesale. The majority of our ingredients come from our local provider of the most delicious whole ingredients we love. Here is a list of many of the ingredient we currently use from their amazing selection:

Everything we get from Hummingbird Wholesale is certified organic:


Wild rice

Pear pieces

Pink Himalayan Salt

Date pieces




Pecan pieces


medium Polit Farms white rice

Sweet brown rice

Brown Rice - sprouted

Brown basmati rice

Brown rice - short grain


Cranberries with blackberry honey

Maple sugar


Coconut Sugar 

Kenearly beans



Date sugar


Cranberry beans


Chia Seeds



Another local supplier of wholesale organic plants that we use in our breakfast is Mountain Rose Herbs, Purveyor of sustainable organic ingredients.

The Breakfast Cure is fortunate to have most of our very high standards met by the suppliers right here at home. Mountain Rose supplies the vast majority of our herbs and spices. You'll taste the difference and appreciate the quality. 

We currently use these beautiful organic herbs and spices exclusively. If it's listed in our ingredients and it's an herb or spice other than cinnamon and salt, it's a Mountain Rose Herb.

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cure congee

We use some Chinese herbs from Dragon Herbs as toppings and optional super toppings. We also get our black, forbidden rice and our red rice from Dragon Herbs.